Church Organs

Johannus church organs are ideal for any interior space. For beginners and professionals alike, contemporary church organs produce beautiful sound and provide the ability to easily switch between styles.

Ecclesia Series American Classic Series Monarke Church Organs Hybrid Organ Solutions
Ecclesia Series American Classic Series Monarke Church Organs Hybrid Organ Solutions

Harmony Organs

Are you looking for an organ for your church? Harmony Organs offers the full line of Johannus organs in British Columbia. Johannus is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of digital church organs and offers high quality instruments at competitive prices. If you are looking for a church organ system, we have the perfect instrument for your situation.

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Church Organ Features


Church Organ Accessories

Personalize your organ with church organ accessories. Johannus offers high quality organ accessories that meet your needs.

Speakers Midi Sequencer Bench Keyboard
UL Loudspeaker Systems Midi Sequencer + Height-Adjustable Bench Keyboards

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Church Organ Purchasing Guide

We offer a wide variety of Johannus organs that are perfect for your church.

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Organ Purchasing Guide

View our Organ Purchasing Guide to gain insights into buying the ideal organ for you.

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